Customer Testimonials

At OPEXEngine, we don’t publish our customer list for confidentiality reasons, but these customers have offered to provide testimonials about the value of our benchmarking reports and services.

 The OPEXEngine benchmarking report is a key element of our planning process, it helps us set the right targets for our cost structure 2-3 yrs out.

Stephane Panier, CFO, GoodData

The great thing about the OPEXEngine data is that there are several peer groups to look at. You can look at metrics for private versus public companies, metrics for companies in your revenue band, or with similar headcount. So many other metric reports are too focused on public companies. Public company data just isn’t that relevant to us.
Mike Morgan, CFO, Bomgar Corporation

We found OPEXEngine’s reports to be square on with what we needed and a critical source of data for our management team. High quality data – like OPEXEngine – is rare and worth paying for.
Jim Lejeal, CFO, Rally Software

The data and benchmarks in OPEXEngine’s Confidential Software Benchmarking Report is not available from any other source and covers both private and public software companies with a variety of business models. The report and data are extremely well put together. It gave us great insights into our own software business and was the basis for a critical presentation to senior management on our strategy going forward. I highly recommend OPEXEngine’s operating benchmarks to any software executive of a large or small company.
Charles Gerlach, Director Business Operations, Software Practice, Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle)

On-Demand Dashboards is a great service that allows me to easily benchmark our performance vs. others in our industry. I track the quarterly financials for several key companies in the software sector using a spreadsheet that I built myself, but compiling the data made the analysis virtually impossible to maintain. The On-Demand Dashboards service takes all that headache away and in 5 minutes I can put together a great report to present at our Board meeting.
Todd Palmieri, CFO, Boomi (acquired by Dell)

Powering On-Demand Dashboards with EDGAR Online’s robust XBRL financial data has enabled OPEXEngine to rachet up the quality of tools operating executives can use to ensure their companies maintain a competitive edge.
Sue Childs, EVP Business Development and Marketing for EDGAR Online.

I am writing to thank you and the team at OPEXEngine for the excellent service and support that you have provided us at HR Access. The survey that you did provided invaluable information that will enable us to both evolve our strategy and to make operational changes that will drive growth in profitability. The comprehensive of your benchmark study has enabled us to do this work. My colleagues are very pleased with the level of benchmark detail that you provide and with the pragmatic manner that it is communicated in your report.


I trust any company in the mid-market business to business software business would find working with OPEXEngine as both a valuable and rewarding experience.
Regis Kaufman, Senior Vice President, HR Access (a Fidelity Company)

At T2 Systems, we migrated our customers to the SAAS business model in 2005. Since then, we struggled to find key benchmark data that we could use to determine the quality of the Company’s financial metrics. OPEX Engine easily filled that void for our team by providing us with key data points ranging from customer acquisition costs to revenue per employee. OPEX is one of our strategic planning tools.
Jim Zaloudek, CFO, T2 Systems, Inc.

We’ve participated in OPEXEngine’s confidential software benchmarking for the past four years and find the data highly useful. As a fast growth, mid-sized, public software company, we are data-driven in our management and planning processes and OPEXEngine’s software benchmarking is a critical information source.
Ralph Bryant, VP Finance, RightNow