Giving Back

OPEXEngine has committed to donating 5% of its profits to charity.  Just as we believe that small and mid-sized businesses should have access to the same high quality business data as large corporations and investors in order to level the playing field and enable competition, we believe that all kids should have a good start in life with loving families and a decent education.  We are contributing our donations to two worthwhile non-profits:

EV (Earthen Vessels) :

Transforming lives from the university to the inner-city.

EV recruits, trains, and mobilizes a motivated volunteer corps of university students to empower inner-city children from the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Boston to succeed in school and beyond.  Over the last five years, 94% of EVkids have returned to our Afterschool Program from one year to the next and they have a college matriculation rate of 93%. Our EVcorps volunteers graduate to become life-long agents of positive social change.

Learn more about Earthen Vessels.

Wide Horizons for Children:

Wide Horizons For Children is a child welfare agency committed to family permanence for orphaned and at-risk children through adoption, child sponsorship, and humanitarian aid. Our priority is the best interest of the child, and we are committed to the highest ethical practices in the US and overseas. We have served children in desperate need around the world for nearly 40 years, helping to place more than 12,000 children from 60 countries with adoptive families and allocating more than $13 million in humanitarian aid. We are dedicated to helping every child, regardless of country or circumstances of birth, experience the security of a loving, permanent family.

Learn more about Wide Horizons for Children.