Software & SaaS Benchmarking Industry Reports

OPEXEngine provides high-quality, detailed benchmarking reports for software and SaaS companies. Benchmarking key metrics against your closest peers is the best way to red-flag areas where you might be under-performing. Conversely, it identifies areas of excellence where you are excelling and should continue to fully support.
Each year since 2006, OPEXEngine has conducted the annual software industry benchmarking of small and mid-sized software vendors with annual revenues of up to $350M. In 2010 we began partnering with the SIIA on our annual surveys, to expand the depth of our financial and operating metrics. All data is supplied by participating companies directly, and anonymized, cleaned, sorted and aggregated by OPEXEngine’s team of accountants and statisticians to ensure high quality benchmarks.

2012 Software and SaaS Benchmarking Industry Report

The 2012 Software and SaaS Benchmarking Industry Report is available now for purchase. Do you know how your company measures up to similar companies in the industry?

Finance and general business executives find the report to be an invaluable tool in the budgeting and planning process, particularly if their companies are considering mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s or fundraising.

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The 2012 OPEXEngine Benchmarking Report includes:


  • The software industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking of private and public software and SaaS vendors with revenues from $1M -$350M.
  • Detailed financial and operating metrics, analysis and graphs.
  • SaaS-specific metrics like Recurring Revenues, Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Profitability, Churn Rates, Average deal sizes, and much more.
  • Trend reports based on 6 years of detailed benchmarks and a database of over 50,000 datapoints.
  • Groupings by revenue, number of customers, SaaS versus On-Premise, average deal size, as well as public versus private companies.
  • A “Profit Leaders” group to provide insights about the most profitable companies.
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Benchmarking also can help highlight the latest changes going on in the market in business models. It helps companies track to industry leaders. To learn more about how benchmarking can help your business and the latest trends in software and saas benchmarks, here’s a benchmarking presentation from a recent event in New York city especially for software and saas CFOs.

2011 Software and SaaS Benchmarking Industry Report

The Annual Software Benchmarking report includes comparative financial ratios and operating metrics by all participants overall, and various peer groups: by public and private companies, by recognized revenue volume, by average deal size, and by SaaS companies separated by sales volume.

The data was collected in 2011 and is based on full year 2010 results from participating companies.

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Key findings from the 2011 Software Benchmarking Industry Report include:


  • Private software firms achieved a revenue growth median of 28 percent over the previous year, and spent an average of 47 percent of their revenue on sales and marketing efforts.
  • Mid-sized public software firms spent an average of 30 percent of their revenue on sales and marketing efforts achieving a median of 22 percent revenue growth in 2010 over 2009;
  • The top 10 percent most profitable mid-sized software firms increased operating income by a median of 14.2 percent and median of 19.4 percent of EBITDA in 2010;
  • 10 percent of firms surveyed expect revenue growth of more than 50 percent in 2011, and 71% expect revenue to grow between 20 and 50 percent in 2011.



Report are not available from any other source and covers both private and public software companies with a variety of business models.  The report and data are extremely well put together.  It gave us great insights into our own software business and was the basis for a critical presentation to senior management on our strategy going forward.  I highly recommend OPEXEngine’s operating benchmarks to any software executive of a large or small company.

Charles Gerlach, Director Business Operations, Software Practice, Sun Microsystems



Download this free presentation on Data-Driven Decision making and learn how benchmarking can improve productivity and profitability. Download Here.