Why Benchmark Your SaaS or Software Company?

Leading research shows that companies using benchmarking as a key information and management tool are more successful, grow faster and use resources more efficiently than companies only using internal (data collected from their own company) data.

Using Benchmark Data = Data Driven Decision Making = Faster Growth

Using Benchmark Data = Better Team Communication and Process Improvements = More Efficient Growth

Using Benchmark Data = Lower Operating Costs = Better Use of Capital for Growth

Using Benchmark Data = Identify Under Performance in Key Operating Areas

Using Benchmark Data = Validates Successful Resource Investment = Reduces Risk of Mistakes or Incorrect Focus

Using Benchmark Data = Present Company in Context for Investors 

Using Benchmark Data = Increases the Probability of Building a High Value Company

“InsightSquared is a fast growing startup that’s reinventing the way businesses are run.  We are backed by some of the best VCs in the world and we’re working together to build a game changing business.  OPEXEngine’s benchmarking provides us with the data and benchmarks to fine tune and improve our operations, and translate our performance into a highly valuable growth company.”  Jeremy King, VP of Finance and Operations, InsightSquared

At T2 Systems, we migrated our customers to the SAAS business model in 2005.  Since then, we struggled to find key benchmark data that we could use to determine the quality of the Company’s financial metrics.  OPEX Engine easily filled that void for our team by providing us with key data points ranging from customer acquisition costs to revenue per employee.  OPEX is one of our strategic planning tools.  Jim Zaloudek, CFO, T2 Systems, Inc.


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In today’s complex world, no company can afford to make performance decisions without good quality benchmarks to inform them.  Business models won’t stop changing in today’s world – start benchmarking your performance today to optimize growth.