CFOs eager to gain cash flow visibility

By CFO Dive | November 15, 2022

Improving visibility into company cash flow and gaining tighter control of data is essential for financial leaders as they brace for the possibility of a recession, according to a study.

3 ways SaaS CFOs can prepare for hypergrowth in 2022

By CFO Dive | February 1, 2022

When it comes to IPOs, 2021 was an excellent year for SaaS companies. Accelerated digital transformation across industries put SaaS companies firmly on the hypergrowth path. But this kind of hypergrowth doesn’t happen overnight. In this guest post, written by Mike Beach, insights are shared with CFO on how they can prepare their SaaS enterprise for hypergrowth.

Consumption-based pricing models: transition guidance for CFOs

By CFO Dive | January 11, 2022

Many companies in the technology industry are moving toward “pay for what you use” consumption-based pricing models. The trend has been bolstered by several customer benefits — primarily, the model provides a clear linkage between what a customer pays and what they use or value they realize.
This guest article from CFODive, gives guidance to CFOs seeking to transition from one pricing model to a consumption-based pricing model.

SaaS companies quickly replacing subscriptions with usage-based pricing

By CFO Dive | December 7, 2021

A usage-based pricing model, which leads to increases or decreases in revenue based on how much customers engage with a service, has been gaining on the more traditional subscription model as the main way SaaS companies make money. There is an appetite for usage-based pricing and is expected to continue to accelerate.

This guest article from CFO Dive delves into why some are making the switch. However, there’s one category that hasn’t moved over to a usage-based pricing model. Read this article to learn who is not using it.

CFOs And The Maturing SaaS Space

By CFO Dive | November 2, 2021

It’s become almost routine for SaaS companies to reach $1 billion in valuation and stay private for years beyond that to build more value before going public — if they even decide to go that route. These high valuations give CFOs a lot to think about. Read on to learn how as strategic partners to the C-suite, CFOs can make recommendations about the best time to raise capital, whether privately or publicly.

Getting EBITDA and free cash flow right in credit deals

By CFO Dive | September 28, 2021

Although EBITDA and FCF measure very different things and can move in opposite directions depending on companies’ responses to changing market conditions, accounting teams should be prepared to do their own calculations when trying to raise credit capital. In this article, we focus on these two terms and how they should be used carefully and in context.

CFOs Benefit from Customer-centric Operations Metrics

By CFO Dive | July 20, 2021

CFOs benefit from tracking and sharing customer experience and other operational key performance indicators; it can help in getting alignment on investment priorities across the organization. CFOs oversee operations or are asked to make budget decisions based on what operational metrics are showing, they can benefit from setting up these types of metrics if they don’t have them.

CFO’s pricing metric helped SaaS company get through COVID-19

By CFO Dive | June 2, 2021

Smart pricing enabled process management software provider Cherwell to get the most from its subscribers while new businesses languished. When the pandemic hit, executives at Cherwell had to focus growth on existing customers, as the mid-sized businesses it targets with its enterprise service management software would be too hunkered down to try something new. “People […]

SaaS Metrics Are Often Misreported

By CFO Dive | February 24, 2021

As non-GAAP measures, they might be based on variables other companies don’t share, but they can be made more accurate, says SaaStr head Jason Lemkin. If your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) numbers don’t add up to your annual recurring revenue (ARR) when you extend them out for a year, you’re misreporting the financial health of […]