Consulting with Clients About SaaS Model

How can you best advise your clients that are operating in the SaaS industry or want to shift to a SaaS business model?

SaaS business models are complex and data driven and require a different model for pricing, sales and even target customers.

Subscription based businesses rely on metrics such as ARR, MRR, LTV, and CAC among many others. Many of these metrics are meaningless unless you use consistent industry definitions and know the right benchmarks for comparison.  Who are the right peers for your client’s stage of growth? What targets should you be setting for MRR? SaaS operating benchmarks enable you to understand how these changes impact the business so your clients can do a better job of managing or adopting SaaS into their company.

Step 1:  CONSULT with OPEXEngine expert to determine the best peer comparisons for your client from our proprietary database of more than 1,000 private and public companies.

Step 2:  GENERATE custom data set and refine the narrative the metrics tell about your clients

Step 3:  INTERPRET data and work with OPEXEngine benchmarking expert to answer questions and evaluate performance relative to peer group metrics

  • Use proprietary data to deliver deep and actionable consulting about leveraging SaaS business model.
  • Generate solutions for your clients that integrate best in class information about successful companies in the SaaS industry.
  • Provide a path to growth for your clients, who are either in the SaaS industry or shifting to a SaaS business model, based on key operating metrics of peers of similar size, stage of growth or financial profile.


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