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On Any Public Company

18,000 Companies-In Seconds

  • EdgarEngine™ gives key financials for any US public company for any time period, including 1-3 years pre-IPO.

  • Designed with successful CFOs and leading FP&A analysts, curated peer groups for SaaS and Software.

  • Prepare critical reports in seconds for board and budget meetings or strategic planning analysis.

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EdgarEngine™ allows you to spend your time analyzing the data instead of manually downloading each company—it’s all automated and quick!

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Schedule A Free Demo

Schedule a free, no-obligation, no-pressure, no-hassle consultation.

What OPEXEngine Users Say

“OPEXEngine’s benchmarking platform delivers key SaaS and other operating benchmarks that aren’t easily available anywhere else, especially for private companies. It is extremely useful to be able to see benchmarks organized by peer groups with similar size revenues, contract values, and even by venture funding round. I highly recommend participating in a benchmarking community to any SaaS CFO building a growth company.”

Marc Linden

CFO, Intacct

“We found OPEXEngine’s reports to be square on with what we needed and a critical source of data for our management team. High quality data – like OPEXEngine – is rare and worth paying for.”

Jim Lejeal

CFO, Rally Software

“InsightSquared is a fast growing startup that’s reinventing the way businesses are run. We are backed by some of the best VCs in the world and we’re working together to build a game changing business. OPEXEngine’s benchmarking provides us with the data and benchmarks to fine tune and improve our operations, and translate our performance into a highly valuable growth company.”

Jeremy King

CFO, InsightSquared

The value of benchmarking on your company will be immeasurable.

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