NEW POLL – Remote Work & Office Space Planning

Remote Work and Office Space Planning  

We are seeing business planning focus shifting to what the “new normal” might look like once the work from home orders are lifted for non-essential businesses. In the third quick poll in our series, we addressed potential changes to remote working and office space. We heard from members of the SaaS Community that they expect a reduction in office space requirements in the new normal. To read the full report of results and discover what they’re planning for the upcoming year, click here.

If you haven’t seen the results from the past two poll results, you can click here for the Changes to SaaS Sales Quotas, Territories, and Commission Payments results. And here for the Hiring and Layoff Poll of Growth and Mid-Sized SaaS Companies results.

To continue the conversation on working remotely, we invite you to listen to our on demand webinar when we discuss Working Remotely as Finance Professionals – Best Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis.

Benchmarking your company is more important now than ever. In the next few weeks we will be delivering the updated 2020 SaaS Benchmarking in our all-new BenchmarkEngine™ platform. We have added even more SaaS metrics including: 2020 Flash, Cash Conversion Score (CCS), Total Compensation & Benefits, and six new metrics related to Customer Success. Schedule a demo with me here and learn how you can start benchmarking your company now.

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