2014 Private Software and SaaS Benchmarking Report

$ 3,995

The 2014 benchmarking report for private software and SaaS companies covers: revenue benchmarks, detailed expense benchmarks, key performance metrics, customer, balance sheet, and cash metrics (more than 150 separate benchmarks).  The benchmarks are broken out by size of revenues, business model and contract sizes.  Report also contains analysis and graphs documenting key performance trends over the past 5 years.  85 pages.


The 2014 Private Software and SaaS Sector Benchmarking Report covers detailed data on:

  • Revenues, revenue break-outs and revenue growth rates
  • Billings
  • Indirect versus direct sales
  • Profit metrics
  • Gross Margin for products, services and total
  • Cost and Expense Metrics
  • Detailed Operational expense and metric break-outs for:   total departmental expense, total departmental compensation and benefits, department headcount, revenue per departmental headcount.  Departments detailed:
  • Sales, Marketing, R&D, G&A, Professional Services, and Customer Support
  • Employee Productivity and Employee Metrics
  • Company-Wide Expenses, such as stock option expense, T&E, Facilities, and IT
  • Balance Sheet Items
  • Customer Metrics:  number of customers, customer growth, average contract size
  • SaaS-Specific Metrics:  ARR, MRR, and growth rates, Cost of Customer Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value, Months to Recover CAC, and more
  • Hosting Expenses
  • Average amount of Venture Investment
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