2014 SaaS Companies under $10M Benchmarking Report

$ 2,250

Developed especially just for SaaS companies with revenues under $10M, this benchmarking report provides over 150 detailed metrics used by leading companies to track revenues, expenses, headcount, cash, departmental ratios, and SaaS specific metrics such as Cost of Customer Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value and Churn Rates.  Critical for budgeting, planning, and communicating with boards and investors, OPEXEngine's benchmarking is used by hundreds of companies.  29 pages 


Over 150 detailed benchmarks just for SaaS companies under $10 million in revenues, the benchmarks are also provided for the peer groups of companies with average contract values under $40,000 and for companies with average contract values over $50,000.  Benchmarks cover:

Product, professional services, and maintenance recognized revenues

Direct and indirect revenues

Sales, Marketing, R&D, G&A, Professional Services and Customer Support expenses, headcount, and compensation.

Total company travel, facilities, stock option and IT expenses

Profit metrics, gross margin for product and for services, balance sheet metrics (including cash and cash from operations)

Venture funds invested

# of customers, customer growth rates, customer retention and dollar renewal rates

Cost of customer acquisition, customer lifetime value, time to recover CAC

Hosting expenses, both in-house and 3rd party

and much more


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