2015 Software and SaaS Industry Report and Benchmarking

$ 9,995

Based on the largest database of private and early stage public company confidential data on financials and key operating metrics from 9 years of benchmarking software and SaaS companies, this report analyzes key trends in company performance and operations. The report also includes tables of benchmarking data for over 150 metrics, comparing private companies by revenue size, by business model and by revenue growth versus profitability. In addition, the same detailed benchmarks are provided for public companies with revenues between $80m and $300M.

Used by industry analysts, investors, consulting and service firms, as well as by company executives, this report is the latest in OPEXEngine’s annual Software and SaaS Industry reports. 67 pages.


This report includes the following key sections:

  • The Executive Briefing analyzes broad trends in the mid-sized software industry overall as well as trends that are specifically taking place for SaaS companies. The overview includes textual analysis as well as tables and graphs to help describe the results, including key operating trends from 2009 thru 2014.
  • The Company Demographics section provides a graphical summary of the demographics of companies included in the 2015 benchmarking.
  • 2015 Benchmarking Data for the Private and Public Software and SaaS Industry details the benchmarks by major financial and operating department categories for a variety of private and public sector peer groups.
  • The report’s Appendix lists information about the benchmarking data and Individual Company Reports in OPEXEngine’s confidential Benchmark Engine™, the study’s methodology and about OPEXEngine.
  • 67 pages


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