2022 Custom Benchmarking Report – Cision

2022 Custom Benchmarking Report – Cision

$ 20,000

The cohort aggregate will be defined in discussion between Cision and OPEXEngine


The cohort aggregate defined thru discussion between the client and OPEXEngine:

SaaS and Software Companies with:

Annual Revenue: $350MM – $750MM
Annual Growth Rate: 10% -15%
ACV: $10K – $15K

The benchmark data may only be used by Cision, is not for distribution or use beyond or outside this project and must be attributed and identified as OPEXEngine data.  Data must be labeled with the OPEXEngine logo and trademark when used.
  • The data will be delivered in an Excel formatted workbook and there will be a set of benchmarks for each of the metrics:  Median plus the 25th and 75th quartiles.
  • The data is based on direct, confidential submissions by US and Canadian companies to the OPEXEngine benchmarking over the past 12 years and is based on the most recent fiscal year.  The data is consistent with OPEXEngine’s proprietary metrics’ definitions.
  • The data has been cleaned and verified by both OPEXEngine analysts and the companies themselves.

Benchmark data is developed based on OPEXEngine’s confidential and proprietary database of B-2-B software and SaaS data.