2022 PerformanceEngine for Investors


2022 PerformanceEngine for Investors

$ 150,000

The OPEXEngine PerformanceEngine for Investors Platform license provides access to detailed financial data of leading software and SaaS companies,  Updated with the most recent data twice a year,  OPEXEngine’s platform enables users to quickly and easily compare  company financials and operating metrics to its closest peers.  Peer groups are broken out by size of revenues, business model (perpetual license companies, SaaS and significant professional services revenue companies).  OPEXEngine’s database contains extensive data from private and public software and SaaS companies, and is cleaned by OPEXEngine’s dedicated team of accountants and statisticians.  Create reports in seconds and drop into a fully functional EXCEL spreadsheet.

Total Annual Subscription:

Year 1 of 3- PerformanceEngine for Investors License - $200,0000 less $ 50,000 year 1 discount

total $ 150,000 per year

Total Licensed Users - Up to 8 authorized users

PerformanceEngine for Investors License

Term:  3 years

$200,000/year for up to 8 authorized users of the Investor with up to 100 Authorized Portfolio Companies

  • Year - 1 license price - $200k per year with a $50 k discount in the first year only
  • Year - 2 license price - $200k per year
  • Year - 3 license price - $200k per year


Licensor shall be entitled to increase standard pricing for the Licensed Products, not more than once per calendar year, any time after December 31, 2025.