2022 PerformanceEngine for R&D

2022 PerformanceEngine for R&D

$ 20,000

Special pricing with data submission ends on December 15th.


2022 PerformanceEngine for R&D Benchmarking

Used by over 850 leading software and SaaS companies for planning, financial analysis, setting targets, management decision-making, and communications with boards and investors, the PerformanceEngine for R&D solution can save your company’s R&D teams time and money by streamlining R&D processes, expenses, and other resource allocation to peer companies, and improving executive discussions around organization and talent and engineering execution focused on Speed, Quality and Efficiency.

  • Custom R&D Benchmark Report
  • Access to the OPEXEngine R&D resources including white papers and webinars etc.

Quickly and easily compare your company’s R&D financial and operating metrics to peers. See whether your company ranks above or below R&D benchmarks for your peer group, and how you compare to any of the 65+ metrics such as R&D Expenses, In-house vs. Outsourced development, R&D Team Structure, and Skills, detailed metrics measuring time spent on New Features, Tech Debt, and Bug Fixes, % of Open Defects, Testing Automation, and Release Deployment Frequency and qualitative metrics regarding System Architecture, CI/CD processes and Code Development practices.

R&D Benchmarking peer groups are broken out by the size of revenues, and industry (SaaS, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce, Tech-Enabled Services, and Hardware companies). OPEXEngine’s R&D database contains data from private and public software and SaaS companies and is cleaned by OPEXEngine’s dedicated team of accountants and statisticians.