2023 PerformanceEngine X-RAY

2023 PerformanceEngine X-RAY

$ 10,000

Used by over 1000 leading software and SaaS companies for planning, financial analysis, setting targets, management decision-making, and communications with boards and investors, the BenchmarkEngine™ can save your company time and money by identifying inefficient operations, trimming excess expenditures as compared to peer companies, and improving executive discussions around performance, targets, and departmental expenditures.

Easily and clearly compare your company’s financials and operating metrics to its closest peers with OPEXEngine’s automated BenchmarkEngine™.


PerformanceEngine X-Ray:  X-Ray Assessment plus 1 year access to the leading SaaS industry benchmarking platform for ongoing performance monitoring, diagnosis and comparisons. 

Performance X-Ray Assessment (Report deliverable)

  • Within 30 days OPEXEngine will normalize your company data against OPEXEngine benchmarks and provide you with a benchmark assessment in a board-ready presentation.  Assessment Report is delivered within 10 business days of company data being validated.
  • The report delivers insights on the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement in either the current plan or a comparison against the company’s targets 2 years out, or evolving business models, such as different ACV, higher EBITDA, etc.  This can be used to help companies plan for how operating metrics will change as the company grows and evolves.  OPEXEngine consultants will support you to determine the best cohort approaches for a company of similar size and business model.

Here’s how it works

  • OPEXEngine will lead a 30 day project to input  your data, following industry best standard data definitions as a basis for apples-to-apples benchmark comparisons
  • You will be provided all the definitions and calculations of metrics and benchmarks used  
  • 1 benchmark cohort in the X-Ray Report
  • Benchmarks include  80+ metrics covering key performance, expense, and value drivers.
  • Filters allow you to build benchmark cohorts for companies with revenues up to $200M with various revenue, EBITDA and average contract value profiles