2022//BenchmarkEngine Enterprise Subscription

2022//BenchmarkEngine Enterprise Subscription

$ 7,500

Easily and clearly compare your company financials and operating metrics to it’s closest peers with OPEXEngine’s automated BenchmarkEngine™. You put your data in, select one or more peer groups to compare yourself against, and we give you an instant report to download into Excel on how you compare on any of over 200 detailed revenue, expense and performance metrics. Get the data you need, and create reports in seconds so you can spend your time identifying concrete areas for improvement.  Plus, gain easy access to EDGAR data through OPEXEngine’s EdgarEngine™ to quickly and easily download key financial comparisons in the areas of: Valuation analysis, Revenue, Expense and Costs, Employee Productivity, Profitability, and Cash and Balance Sheet Metrics for any public company for any time period since 2000.


BenchmarkEngine Enterprise edition for companies with benchmarking filters up to $100M in revenues.

Used by leading software and SaaS companies for planning, financial analysis, setting targets, and management decision-making and communications with boards and investors, this BenchmarkEngine™ can save your company tens of thousands of dollars by identifying inefficient operations, trimming excess expenditures as compared to peer companies, and improving executive discussions around performance, targets and departmental expenditures.

4 user licenses to BenchmarkEngine
1 user license to EdgarEngine™
Peer Benchmarks
Download to Excel and PDF
Invites to quarterly SaaS
Finance MeetUP
Access to live and on-demand SaaS webinars
Knowledge Base
Exclusive Research Reports

Based on data that is updated twice a year, quickly and easily compare your company’s financials and operating metrics to its closest peers with OPEXEngine’s automated BenchmarkEngine™.  See how you compare on any of over 150 detailed revenue, expense, and performance metrics.

Peer groups are broken out by the size of revenues, business model (perpetual license companies, SaaS, and significant professional services revenue companies).  OPEXEngine’s database contains extensive data from private and public software and SaaS companies and is cleaned by OPEXEngine’s dedicated team of accountants and statisticians.  Create reports in seconds and drop them into a fully functional EXCEL spreadsheet.

Act now, and we’ll help you get started to develop your road map to better growth and performance.  For more information, please contact us at: 781-775-8333 or info@opexengine.com.


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