OPEXEngine’s Cheat Sheet: 4 SaaS Sales KPIs and How to Calculate Them. These key KPIs and benchmarks are critical for planning company growth and expenses as well as to identify weaknesses – or strengths – in sales productivity in order to keep improving efficiency and growth.

The latest version of OPEXEngine’s Cheat Sheet: SaaS, Subscription and On-Premises Software—Don’t Confuse Subscription with SaaS, is a quick and easy read on the differences between all three.

This research document focuses on DocuSign’s journey to the public markets and highlights the choices that company management made to maximize value and achieve the desired outcome.

This white paper looks at key differences for financial modeling between Traditional Software models and a SaaS model, and reviews multiple key SaaS metrics.

This white paper from OPEXEngine focuses on key indicators of value in fast growth SaaS companies.

This white paper from OPEXEngine focuses on key financial modeling differences between traditional, perpetual license models and a SaaS business.

This report was prepared through independent research into Workday’s public filings to provide some insight into Workday’s business model and the operational growth valued by public market investors.

This report is designed to help SaaS companies benchmark the expense and productivity of their R&D operations against similar companies for budgeting and planning purposes.

In this white paper, learn how to categorize a number of key areas that can have a big impact on your metrics.

Get the data you need to optimize your SaaS sales organization and launch your 2018 sales plan with confidence.

OPEXEngine’s SaaS Sales Management Benchmarking Report delivers the latest benchmarks for private and public SaaS companies.



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