2017 & 2018 SaaS Benchmark Reports

Managing the growth of a software business, whether selling traditional on-premises software or SaaS, is far more likely to be successful when management is metrics-driven and has good visibility into all the key performance indicators. With greater visibility and analysis of these metrics, companies can make good decisions about efficient and productive resource investments resulting in strong revenue growth rates and high valuations.

OPEXEngine has worked with hundreds of software and SaaS companies since 2006 to benchmark their KPIs and performance in detail. This report delivers critical benchmarking data and trends for SaaS company performance and operations. All data has been analyzed and cleaned and aggregated by OPEXEngine’s analysts.

The report provides tables of benchmarking data for over 150 metrics, by cohorts of companies with revenues between $1million and $500M. In addition, the report provides an overview of what the most critical SaaS metrics are and how they are defined.

Used by industry analysts, investors, consulting and service firms, as well as by company executives, this report is the latest in OPEXEngine’s annual SaaS Industry reports.

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