Q1 2021 SaaS CFO Pulse


What Are the Top Factors Impacting the SaaS Business Environment for 2021?

In March we conducted our quarterly survey with over 100 senior finance executives in SaaS & software companies. Fundamental shifts in customer buying, big changes in workforce expectations, and rapid movement in the competitor landscape are what SaaS companies expect to have the most impact on business in 2021.

Top 4 key takeaways:

  1. Finance leaders regret putting the brakes on hiring in 2020
  2. New product initiatives, customer satisfaction, and retention and upselling were the top growth investments
  3. Companies will be upgrading their internal analytical capabilities
  4.  Hybrid-remote is here to stay

In this 13 page report, we share our detailed observations of the survey results. The results are interesting and a good view into the dynamic world for which SaaS finance is budgeting and planning for right now.

To learn more about Lauren’s, CEO of OPEXEngine, full analysis download the report today!