Poll Results


In all the areas covered in the survey, consistent metrics and benchmarks are key. Analytics won’t provide accurate analysis of the underlying data that isn’t consistent with best practices and standard definitions of operational metrics. In a fast-moving market like SaaS, making sure the entire management team is on the same page about current operating models helps ensure that leadership can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities and avoid problems.

Remote Work and Office Space Planning (Updated October 2020)

No one can be certain what the 2021 work environment will look like. However, by asking you and your peers what you’re planning to do with your company offices and remote employees, industry trends are likely to come to the surface. Once again, we turned to our fellow SaaS community members and asked them to share their workspace plans for the coming year. The results of this poll should provide you with valuable insights into how SaaS and software companies are addressing these topics as well as assist you in budgeting for a constantly transforming workplace.

Changes in Revenue & COVID Impact on Budgeting/Planning

The purpose of this quick poll was to help the SaaS Finance community better understand peer YTD 2020 revenue performance and to learn more about how other companies are approaching planning for the upcoming FY budgeting process. We found some interesting results for companies with revenue between $10M up to $1B. We collected this data over a 2 week period in mid-July, 2020.

POLL RESULTS – Remote Work and Office Space Planning

In the third of our series of SaaS Quick Polls, we asked the benchmarking community of Software and SaaS companies about whether they expect more employees to be working remotely in the new normal, and how that was affecting office space and office budget plans for the upcoming year.

Poll Results – Changes to SaaS Sales Quotas, Territories, and Commission Payments

OPEXEngine fielded a quick poll to the SaaS Finance community between April 2-April 14, 2020. The anonymous and confidential poll covered changes to Q2, Q3, Q4 and FY 2020 Sales Quotas, Territories and Commission payment policies. See the results here.

March 2020 Hiring and Layoff Poll of Growth and Mid-Sized SaaS Companies

In late March, we launched a SaaS peer community poll to see what companies are doing in light of the corona virus pandemic’s effects on 2020 budgets. Here are the results.