SaaS Meet-UP: BizOps Core Community

Please join us for a meet-up of friends to discuss Business Operations (“BizOps”). We will dive into the proliferation of tools and best practices used to optimize SaaS business performance, why this has led to the discipline of “Business Operations” (aka BizOps), and how the BizOps teams are tasked with taking a cross-departmental view of the business to drive and optimize performance.

This is a roundtable discussion, sponsored by Underscore VC and moderated by Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEXEngine.

May 2, 2019

Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Underscore VC
Old City Hall
45 School Street, 2nd Floor

We will discuss:

  1. Who manages cross-departmental metrics in your organization (do you have a “bizops” org). How is this group organized and who does it report to?
  2. What metrics does the group that manages “BizOps” cover and how do they integrate with other organizations (ie. FP&A and Sales Ops)?
  3. What are the critical learnings and best practices that have evolved in your organization over time?
  4. Are there any emerging trends that you feel will shape how BizOps will evolve over time at your company?
  5. What tools are you using to manage SaaS metrics within your organization?

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