Learn How OPEXEngine Provides Accurate Benchmarks for Your Budgeting & Planning Needs

Our free demo illustrates how OPEXEngine can help you:

  1. Pull together data and financials to benchmark against peers and market leaders
  2. Gain clarity in budgeting & planning to scale with confidence
  3. Securely access data from 250+ financial metrics
  4. Compare yourself against one of 60 different peer groups

In the past 15+ years, 850+ SaaS & Software companies have benchmarked with OPEXEngine.

The BenchmarkEngine™ is an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based platform to compare company performance and operating metrics across all departments of a typical SaaS or software company to peers and market leaders. 

EDGAREngine™ is our comprehensive, easy-to-use, exclusive platform designed by finance professionals for finance professionals. You’ll receive instant access to the metrics you need from over 18,000 public companies. 

The Investor ReportCard contains the best benchmark data for portfolio due diligence, based on OPEXEngine’s proprietary database of 850+ validated SaaS & Software company inputs.

Data-driven CFOs benchmark with OPEXEngine to significantly improve their operational performance.

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