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The BenchmarkEngine is an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based platform to compare company performance and operating metrics across all departments of a typical SaaS or software company to peers and market leaders. With benchmarks for over 200 KPIs, segmented into over 60 different cohorts by revenue size, average contract value, growth rates, and more, the BenchmarkEngine is based on OPEXEngine’s proprietary database built over more than a decade of working with hundreds of SaaS and Software companies.

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  BenchmarkEngine™ EARLY STAGE Benchmarking For companies under $5M BenchmarkEngine™ RAPID Benchmarking For all size companies BenchmarkEngine™ GROWTH Benchmarking BenchmarkEngine™ ENTERPRISE Benchmarking
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Detailed definitions of metrics and benchmarks
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Benchmark Cohorts by Revenue Size Only    
Over 60 Benchmark Cohorts, Segmented by Revenue Size, Average Contract Size, Growth Rates and More    
Custom Compensation Expense Benchmarking Analysis    
Invitation to SaaS Executive Finance Meet-Ups    
Public Company Financials & Peer Builder, including 1-3 years pre-IPO      
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On-Demand Reports on any Public Company – 18,000 Companies – in Seconds

The EdgarEngine™ gives you key financials for any US public company for any time period, including 1-3 years pre-IPO.

Designed together with successful CFOs and leading FP&A analysts, curated peer groups for SaaS and Software.

Prepare critical reports in seconds for board and budget meetings or strategic planning analysis –
spend your time analyzing the data instead of manually downloading each company – it is all automated and quick!


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OPEXEngine Proprietary Benchmarks and Database

If you are consulting and advising clients on the SaaS model…

If you are doing due diligence on a SaaS acquisition for private equity…

If you are a large company looking for SaaS benchmarks…

OPEXEngine can work with you to provide the benchmarks you need, based on more than a
decade of benchmarking SaaS and Software companies, using our proprietary database of blinded data

  OPEXEngine Custom Benchmarks

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