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Product development is founded on four critical capabilities

Organization & Talent

Linkage between the company’s ability to hire and retain talent, articulating clear roles and responsibilities, right inhouse and outsourced resource ratio, and team make-up

Resource Management

Regular process to match resource demand with supply (considering the given priorities); clear visibility into product development, tech debt, and bug fixing

Product Delivery – Speed & Quality

Quick and effective decision making, defining standards and building processes that support product roadmap, avoiding ad-hoc reprioritization, and following industry standards.

Engineering Execution – Efficiency

Best in class methodologies, practices, and technology for development, testing, release, deployment, and delivery of projects

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R&D Benchmarking Metrics

Organization & Talent

Resource Management

Engineering Execution – Efficiency

Total Company FTE New Features Architecture
R&D Team Tech Debt Remediation Code Reuse
R&D Management Bug Fixing Release Processes
Seniority of IC Platform CI/CD Processes
Days to Productivity Software Development Methodology
Data - Content - Community R&D Benchmark

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