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Each year, OPEXEngine conducts an intensive and detailed survey of software and SaaS companies with revenues between $1M and $400m in the previous year’s revenues. Throughout the year, OPEXEngine works with CFOs and finance teams from this sector to review performance metrics and models. Based on this work, and the data collected in the annual benchmarking, we also produce annual Industry and Benchmark Reports, which are used by companies, service firms and investors to gain a deeper understanding of operating benchmarks and data trends for the sector. Consulting firms use the reports to advise clients, and analysts include OPEXEngine’s data and analysis in their reports.

2015 Software and SaaS Industry Report and Benchmarks

Price: $10,000.00

A 67 page report covering both public and private firms which analyzes trends in revenue growth rates, operating expense ratios, headcount benchmarks, and venture flows. The report looks specifically at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors and breaks out all the benchmarks for smaller, private companies as well as for larger, public, companies. In addition, the report includes detailed benchmarks for over 150 metrics for each of the peer groups in the sector. All benchmarks are provided for private companies by business model (SaaS, Perpetual license and Hybrid companies), Private SaaS companies by revenue size (under $10M, $10M-$20M, $20M-$40M and $40M – $90M), as well as a benchmark comparison for the fastest growth companies versus the most profitable.

Public company peer groups compare the more profitable company benchmarks to the faster growth public companies, and also a comparison of public SaaS companies with revenues between $80M-$125M versus companies with revenues between $125M and $300M.

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2014 Private Software and SaaS Benchmarking Report

Price: $3,995.00

An 85 page report from OPEXEngine’s 2014 benchmarking , covering private software and SaaS companies (does not include data on public companies). This report covers the entire segment of private companies (with peer groups broken out by revenues: under $10M, $10-$20M, and Over $20M).   More than 150 benchmarks for each of the peer groups, including revenue benchmarks, detailed expense benchmarks, key performance metrics, customer, balance sheet and cash metrics. Benchmarks are broken out by size of revenues, business model and contract sizes. Additionally, the report contains analysis of major financial and operational trends for private software and SaaS firms, as well as graphs documenting key performance trends over the past 5 years.

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2014 Report of SaaS Companies under $10M

Price: $2,250.00

A 29 page report with over 150 detailed metrics used by leading companies to track revenues, expenses, headcount, cash and departmental ratios. Developed specifically for early stage companies with revenues under $10M, the report includes SaaS specific metrics such as Cost of Customer Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value and Churn Rates. Benchmarks are also broken out for companies with smaller average contract values (ACV) and for larger average contract values (ACV). It’s the critical data you need for budgeting, planning for growth, and communicating with boards and investors.


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