Annual Software and SaaS Benchmarking

Since 2007, OPEXEngine, in partnership with the SIIA, has conducted its annual benchmarking study of the small and mid-sized software industry.  Hundreds of private and public software and SaaS companies participate in the OPEXEngine benchmarking which gives participating companies the opportunity to compare their performance with their closest peers, industry leaders and the most profitable companies.

The survey and metrics are developed and refined each year through extensive consultation with a group of leading software CEOs and CFOs as well as with the SIIA’s software advisory board.  The benchmarking data is focused on metrics that drive revenue and customer growth, and expenses that contribute to productivity and efficiency.  In addition, the benchmarking collects data about software business models and how those models are changing in this fast paced digital world.

85% of the companies and finance execs who participate in the annual Software and SaaS benchmarking have participated previously.  The benchmarking is a paid service to cover the cost of data security, normalization, accounting and statistical analysis and development of the benchmarks.  Fees are tiered by company revenue size.  SIIA member companies receive a significant discount.

You’ll get access to hundreds of financial and operating performance benchmarks; high-quality data and peer comparisons to help you make important decisions about where to put your resources and plan your growth.

“Must have” reasons to compare your company to peers with the 2014 Benchmarking:

  • Comprehensive financial ratios and operating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Helps you make optimal budgetary and other planning decisions
  • Improves management of revenue and margin growth
  • Drives accountability and operational efficiency
  • Provides the numbers investors, VC’s and other stakeholders demand
  • Informs investor presentations and M & A decisions

OPEXEngine works with every participating company to ensure data consistency. Since this is a paid benchmarking, it allows us to invest in a system that provides the highest level of data protection and data analysis. In fact, we’re committed to integrity and confidentiality at every step – from survey design and data collection to reporting and analysis.

We ensure the privacy of your data while you get the most accurate and relevant industry metrics and analysis, the essential data needed to help you develop new models and strategies to improve efficiency and results.  No individual company data is ever made public and strict confidentiality is maintained.

The benchmarking covers:

  • Comprehensive financial ratios and operating metrics benchmarking of private and public software firms with revenues from $1M -$500M
  • 8 years of software industry financial benchmarks and a database of 50,000+ datapoints
  • Hundreds of software companies’ aggregated data

Participating companies access their own secure portal where they receive Individual Company Benchmarking Reports showing over 150 critical revenue, expense, profitability, balance sheet, financial ratio, and customer benchmarks for their closest peers. New, interactive tools and functionality is now available to customize benchmark reports to show growth trends, and benchmarks for different business models.