GTM Deep Dive

Achieve Go-To-Market Excellence

Make the most of your resources and get better results, with a focus on GTM benchmarking.


What’s your magic number?

Optimize your acquisition engine on both productivity and expense. Dive deep, with detailed comparisons on staffing, productivity, and ROI.

Compare your marketing, sales, and customer success performance to peers and market leaders in detail. See specifics on where specific functions are below average, good, or great.

Go-to-market guided by benchmarks

Make informed budget and staffing decisions, with a comprehensive view of sales, marketing, and customer success effectiveness.

Use benchmarking analytics for your current and forward-looking planning.

SaaS Unit Economics

  • CAC Ratios


  • Magic Number
  • MQLs per New Customer


  • Sales Expense Ratios
  • Sales FTE Ratios
  • Sales Productivity

Customer Success

  • CS Compensation and Expense
  • CS FTEs per Customer
  • Retention/Churn Rates

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