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Stress test your company’s operational performance and build out a foundation for continued growth.


Insights On-Demand

Access industry-wide KPIs for objectivity in strategic planning, goal setting, and stakeholder communication.

Benchmark your company’s performance data against a precision cohort and identify areas of greatest variance.

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1. Goal Alignment

Our process begins by understanding a company’s business model, benchmarking goals, and identifying nuances in how certain metrics are calculated.


In preparation for an upcoming board meeting, management wants to present a 2-3 year growth plan. What operational changes are needed to improve growth?

2. Data Collection

We start with KPIs for tracking performance, go-to-market effectiveness, expense management, and cash, aligning your team on metrics definitions along the way. If necessary, our staff can assist in the data collection process. We provide definitions and calculations for all survey inputs.


The client finance team collects data from standard reports and their backend systems. OPEXEngine analysts provide guidance on the survey process.

3. Data validation and anonymization

OPEXEngine has the industry’s only validated database of SaaS metrics: our proprietary algorithm stress tests data to identify discrepancies, missing data, and outliers. All company data is encrypted, anonymized, and stored on our secure cloud servers.


Mid-way through data collection, the OPEXEngine team spots an outlier in Total Sales Expense. Both teams work together to validate the correct data on an ongoing basis.

4. Build your Comparison Cohort

We work with your team to create a precision cohort  based not only on revenue, but also on operating models and other key factors. OPEXEngine uses cohort rather than individual company benchmarking in order to maintain data security and preserve client anonymity.


Now that their data is in the system, the client applies filters against the blinded proprietary database. They create a cohort of B2B SaaS companies with $75-$100M in ARR, ACV $20K-$50K, and revenue growth rate 25%-50%.

5. Monitor and Grow

Once embedded in the financial planning process, we provide on-demand insights and ongoing support. OPEXEngine’s team of financial analysts and former CFOs validate all incoming database and keep our benchmarks up to date.


The head of FP&A uses OPEXEngine benchmarks in preparation for every board meeting, and with each of their business partners to provide validation to daily operational decision-making.

“We have been benchmarking with OPEXEngine for over eight years here at Adaptive. We use it to benchmark how we are doing against our peers. We use it to set targets, and when questions come up from operating departments.

OPEXEngine does the hard work of aggregating data from all the participating companies, cleaning it, and then providing it back to all the companies anonymously.

Kerman Lau

Vice President, Financial Planning and Assistance, Workday/Adaptive Insights


Our Growth package focuses on KPIs specific to CFOs and finance teams at companies with $10M-$50M in revenue.

Includes access to benchmarks critical to managing and planning for growth across GTM, fundraising metrics, R&D and operational structures, and SaaS KPIs.

  • On-demand access to metrics in BenchmarkEngine.
  • 360 Report with insights and variance analysis on a custom cohort.
  • Ongoing expert support from our team of financial analysts.
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Our Enterprise package focuses on a comprehensive KPI set intended for finance, FP&A, and operations teams at companies with $50M+ in revenue.

Includes a benchmarking assessment of a company’s performance across financials, cash management, organization and headcount, SaaS KPIs, and more. Our Enterprise package contains an expanded metrics set to match the needs and administration of larger organizations.

  • On-demand access to an expanded set of metrics in BenchmarkEngine.
  • 360 Report with insights and variance analysis on a custom cohort.
  • Access to BenchmarkEngine Public, our standalone database of 80+ metrics from 18,000+ public companies, updated daily.
  • Ongoing expert support from our team of financial analysts.
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