OPEXEngine is the leading performance benchmarking solution for SaaS and software companies.

For nearly 20 years, OPEXEngine has connected many of the world’s leading SaaS brands to validated insights that improve performance and operational efficiency.

Acquired by Bain in 2021, OPEXEngine enables performance benchmarking at scale with a cutting-edge software platform, a dataset of many of the world’s leading private and public technology companies, tracking of 500+ metrics, and unmatched expertise.

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From Lauren Kelley, CEO

After 30 years in the tech industry, working in Europe and the US, one lesson that has helped me build fast-growth operations at various tech companies is how to use the right benchmarks to drive improvements. And constant improvement is why I’ve been successful.

Benchmarking helps you prioritize where you are good and where you need to fix something. It gets other people on the same page in terms of priorities, which makes the company agile and resilient.

After leaving my last big company, where I’d joined in the early stages and helped take it public and beyond to eventual acquisition by Oracle, I was looking around for my next gig. In every meeting with investors, Boards of Directors, and management teams, people kept asking the same questions:

- What’s the right spend structure at this stage?
- How does that change?
- How do you know if your sales productivity isn’t as good as it could be?

So, I decided there was a better way than relying on anecdotal word of mouth and random internet benchmarks. I wanted to build an industry platform where companies could share their operational metrics confidentially and securely and get back useful aggregate benchmarks to improve operational decision-making and business outcomes dramatically. And that’s what we did.

We are proud of the industry leaders that we’ve helped:

- 70% of SaaS companies that have had an IPO in the US over the past 10 years benchmarked with OPEXEngine.
- We regularly identify more than 10% in overspending against peer benchmarks for the companies we work with.
- We’ve helped companies that regularly benchmark with us improve key performance metrics like Magic Number, R&D ROI, and Employee Productivity, which investors love to see.

I’m sharing this to showcase the transformational success SaaS companies achieve when they ditch guessing games and pulling random data from the internet. And instead, rely on validated benchmarks through a proven methodology and from a company dedicated only to producing the best benchmarks in the industry.

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