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OPEXEngine is the leading database of SaaS performance metrics, validated by financial analysts and industry experts.

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The most impactful SaaS performance diagnostic on the market

OPEXEngine has defined the standard for operational success in SaaS for nearly 20 years.

Supported by Bain & Company, OPEXEngine delivers data, analysis, and insights that drive growth and performance.

Top Quartile Improvement %
Companies with annual revenue $10M-$100M
Companies with annual revenue $100M-$1B
Revenue per Employee
EBITDA per Employee
Magic Number
Results with OPEXEngine benchmarking through July 2023

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Stress test your KPIs against industry standards
Benchmark against peers and market leaders
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of SaaS IPOs in the past 10 years have used OPEXEngine benchmarks to set goals.

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Growth SaaS

Establish GTM, budget, cash management, and fundraising metrics and identify areas of greatest variance against a precision cohort of peer companies.

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Enterprise SaaS

Leverage benchmarking for strategic planning to optimize your cost structure, R&D ROI, organizational metrics, and financials.

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See your portfolio performance at a glance, benchmark against the industry’s largest database, and grow your portfolio value.

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Powered by BenchmarkEngine, the industry’s only validated metrics database

130,000+ Data Points

Validated by our team of financial analysts

500+ Metrics

Benchmark all key metrics across financial, operational, and commercial functions

1,200+ Companies

Data from the world’s leading technology brands

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