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OPEXEngine is the pioneer and leader in SaaS performance benchmarking

For 15+ years, OPEXEngine has connected many of the world’s leading SaaS brands to validated insights that improve performance and operational efficiency.  Acquired by Bain in 2021, OPEXEngine enables performance benchmarking at scale with a cutting-edge software platform, a dataset of many of the world’s leading private and public technology companies, tracking of 250+ metrics, and unmatched expertise.


OPEXEngine connects you to growth by providing the benchmarks that matter

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With OPEXEngine, you gain access to 250+ KPIs from the anonymized data of the world’s leading technology brands so you can evaluate your organization against true peers.

Spot the Trends

Ensuring your company is optimally set up for growth, OPEXEngine lets you understand how changes in one area ripple through the organization.

Steer the Future

OPEXEngine helps you see your future path 2-3 years out by providing you with the benchmarks for peers and market leaders who are already where you want to be.

Our cutting-edge software makes it easy to get started with performance benchmarking

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Trusted by the world’s leading technology brands for 15+ years

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