We Are A Group of Passionate Entrepreneurs, Finance Professionals, Sales & Marketing Executives

For more than 15 years, OPEXEngine has helped SaaS and software companies make significant gains in commercial, operational, and financial performance. We build tools for performance benchmarking that enable over 1,000 companies.

What We Do

OPEXEngine is the only true performance benchmarking platform, bringing precision, rigour, and trust to more than 250 benchmarks that help organizations build a better playbook, better align objectives internally and with the board, and invest with greater confidence.

Our performance benchmarking services is for private SaaS and Software-enabled companies, Venture Capital or Private Equity firms, and public companies. With OPEXEngine you’ll be able to see it all, spot the trends, and steer the future.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

At OPEXEngine, we know what it is like to make important operating decisions in a dynamic environment. We’ve been there. We’ve prepared annual and quarterly budgets, board reports, strategic plans and acquisition analyses. We’ve had to identify problems, course correct, and manage at times of incredible growth (and market slowdowns) – making decisions based on internal data alone, past experience and gut instinct.

Driven by Data

We founded OPEXEngine to give companies neutral, 3rd party benchmark comparisons to guide decisions and help manage operating risks. Performance and operating benchmarking is all that we do; we don’t collect data to sell other services. Our paid subscription service is confidential and proprietary.

Our Users

We work with experienced CFOs and CEOs of the leading software and SaaS companies, as well as investors, to design our benchmarks and surveys, so they provide easy-to-access actionable information.

What We Offer

OPEXEngine subscribers who have benchmarked with OPEXEngine for 3 or more years, improved EBITDA by an average of 32% in 3 years, while growing revenue, and slightly improving median revenue growth rates over the same period

Performance Engine: X-RAY or 360°

Select from an annual report and a secure platform for ongoing performance comparison or a yearly full 360 diagnostic of Financial, GTM performance, Overheard, & Cost of Goods.

Performance Engine: Investors

For executives managing portfolio companies, Performance Engine: Investors benchmarks 30 KPIs from key business & operational metrics to cash conversion score. 

Performance Engine: R&D

R&D ROI will be the cornerstone of this new OPEXEngine solution, and likely one of the most important leading indicators for future growth.

EDGAREngine: Public Companies

EDGAREngine enables you to save peer cohorts that you can update regularly in one action, as opposed to continuously re-analyzing each company one by one.

Our Values & Vision

Lauren Kelley HS

Lauren Kelley

Founder, CEO

Sherri Wolf


Richard Scott

Senior Legal Advisor and Account Manager

Donna Rice

Director of SaaS Accounts

Companies who benchmark with the Performance Engine 360° solution for three or more years have 32% higher EBITDA, reinforcing the power of comparative analytics to improve how companies plan, budget, operate, invest, and evaluate as the scale. 

Looking to connect performance benchmarking to growth?

Only OPEXEngine has the platform, dataset, rigour, and expertise to enable performance benchmarking at scale. Connect with one of our experts – SaaS, PE, or R&D – today.