Unlearning the Growth vs. Costs Myth

By Bain & Company | January 24, 2023

With the right methodology, cost productivity discipline not only helps fuel steady growth and big initiatives but also are rewarded by shareholders, leading to substantially higher TSR, in both good times and downturns, according to Bain long-term research.

Is Your Sales Organization Ready for a Recession?

By Bain & Company | August 9, 2022

According to a new Bain brief, there are 3 time-tested principles to navigating changing market conditions, or a recession and using data and analytics to thrive. Data and analytics alone won’t get you there, but by following basic best practices, research shows you have a high chance of succeeding.

How Private Equity is Winning in Software

By Bain & Company | March 22, 2022

Private equity blew the doors off in 2021: over a trillion dollars was invested last year by global private equity firms and almost a trillion dollars was returned in exits. The technology and specifically the software and SaaS sector represented 25% of the value invested and 31% of the number of deals. According to new Bain & Company research, over 50% of software deals returned 2.5x or more to investors. Bain also predicts that SaaS and software multiples will continue to be high in 2022 – read more here from Bain’s research on how Private Equity keeps winning in Software.

Why Venture Capitalists Are Doubling Down on Technology

By Bain & Company | December 14, 2021

Technology was a driving force behind the boom in venture investments over the past decade.

From 2010 through 2020, tech start-ups made up a majority of venture funding across all deals by independent venture capital (VC) firms and corporate venture capitalists. This guest article from Bain provides insights from their analysis using their Startup Investment Cruncher database.

The Tech Talent War Is Global, Cross-Industry, and a Matter of Survival

By Bain & Company | October 26, 2021

With software and technology becoming mission-critical for businesses throughout the economy, CEOs in every industry are recognizing that their ability to compete comes down to one thing: having the right talent.
As a result, the war for technology talent is getting fiercer and spreading to new fronts as demand for crucial roles skyrockets. In this guest post from Bain & Company how tech companies can be disrupted due to the talent war.

SaaS Is Spurring the Next Cycle of Software Superperformance

By Bain & Company | October 5, 2021

Over the past decade, software has created tremendous value for investors and businesses, thanks largely to its transformative effect on the economy, its role in developing new cloud-based business models, and its ability to increase efficiency in operations. The SaaS model allows companies to focus on new ways to create value, and since many companies are early on their journey, more gains may lie ahead. Read on to learn why companies are moving to SaaS subscription models.

CFOs Want FP&A to Marshal Value Creation

By Bain & Company | August 3, 2021

As companies commit to transforming their FP&A function, choosing the right focus and pace is essential. They should align with business leaders on the sources of value creation for the future, then work backward to redesign FP&A around them. And they should carefully choose their spots for investment. That will raise the odds of FP&A shifting its role from scorekeeper to a true business partner.

Classify Demand Series to Improve the Forecast

By Bain & Company | December 9, 2020

Each class has different demand signal patterns that can help with model selection. Companies often group their demand series according to a business or organizational structure, such as a planning hierarchy or reporting hierarchy. Although this type of grouping is easy to organize and report, it is poorly suited for modeling purposes. Instead, companies should […]



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