Recruitment KPIs & Ways to Boost Them with Your Recruiting SaaS

By Business 2 Community | December 28, 2021

Business leaders will often see their strategies fail, regardless of how much thought they put into it. Not every effort pays off, and not every investment is worthwhile.

KPIs allow recruitment agencies, hiring managers, and recruiters to understand how successful their actions are in helping them achieve their goals. This guest article from Business 2 Community will analyze what KPIs are necessary to track in order to have a successful SaaS recruitment process.

Best Practices for B2B SaaS Financial Operations

By Business 2 Community | August 17, 2021

If you’ve underestimated the importance of financial operations for both the short and long-term success of your SaaS business, you’re not alone. With the explosive growth of the SaaS business model impacting businesses worldwide, many are navigating SaaS financial operations and subscription management for the first time.

These 7 best practices work for growing B2B SaaS businesses.