OPEXEngine launches breakthrough technology R&D benchmarking solution

By OPEX Engine | June 14, 2022

New solution supports better resource allocation and engineering outcomes across the $300B+ technology R&D sector BOSTON, June 13, 2022 – OPEXEngine, the world’s leading SaaS benchmarking platform, today launches its new R&D benchmarks solution. The benchmarks help technology executives invest in R&D with more confidence by comparing their own costs and performance with similar organizations. New […]

Classify Demand Series to Improve the Forecast

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | December 9, 2020

Each class has different demand signal patterns that can help with model selection. Companies often group their demand series according to a business or organizational structure, such as a planning hierarchy or reporting hierarchy. Although this type of grouping is easy to organize and report, it is poorly suited for modeling purposes. Instead, companies should […]

Change Is the New Superpower

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | September 8, 2020

Exercise one time, and you will get benefits. Exercise daily, enough to build your muscle mass, and your metabolism actually increases. Similarly, run a business change program once and you may reap short-term benefit. Do it repeatedly, with purpose, and your organization’s ongoing ability to change will jump. In today’s business environment, change is the […]

Is Strategy Dead in Tech? The Winners Don’t Think So

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | July 28, 2020

At a Glance It often seems as if traditional strategy development processes have no place in the fast-moving, always changing technology industries. But in many respects the way top tech performers define a mission, shape a portfolio and allocate resources looks a lot like what companies in more traditional industries have done for decades. The […]

Beyond the Downturn: Recession Strategies to Take the Lead

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | May 19, 2020

It’s overdue. Predicting the onset of a recession is difficult, but a downturn likely will arrive soon, with the current economic expansion now more than 10 years old, long by historical standards. Signs of over leverage in the corporate sector, combined with geopolitical uncertainty—including the China–US trade war, Brexit and economic instability in some European […]

In a Crisis, This Is What Good Looks Like

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | April 28, 2020

In the early stages of a major business transformation, the leaders of a large global airline faced an urgent new priority—responding to the impact of Covid-19 on employees and passengers. Their first moves were grounded in empathy and compassion: keeping customers and employees safe, and maintaining the operational network long enough to return passengers home. […]

Do This, Not That: Prescriptive Analytics in Sales and Marketing

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | January 21, 2020

How analytics can guide companies from insight to action. Beyond generating insights, leading sales and marketing groups deploy analytics to prescribe specific actions that raise the odds of closing or expanding deals. Prescriptive analytics frequently takes three forms: guided marketing, guided selling and guided pricing. These forms of guidance all hinge on the organization having […]

Let’s Do Launch: Five Critical Moves for Your Next Launch

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | December 10, 2019

By excelling at these moves, marketers ensure that their message breaks through the noise. At a Glance Getting a product, service or brand launch right matters more than ever for long-term success, which has become more difficult because of the proliferation of launches. Launch leaders have learned how to cut through the din of messages […]

Scale vs. Intimacy – The old trade-offs do not cut it in the era of scale insurgency

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | November 12, 2019

A widely held view on strategy in the 1980s defined two ways to compete: firms could pursue either a low-cost advantage (usually through scale) or a differentiation advantage (by building intimate customer relationships). The prevailing approach to running a firm at the time (what we call the professional management system) was perfectly tuned to steer most large companies […]

How Advanced Analytics Is Changing B2B Selling

By OPEX Engine and Bain & Company | October 15, 2019

This article originally appeared on From targeted online advertising to more precise recommendation engines, consumer markets are bursting with innovation around machine learning and advanced analytics. While there’s less buzz around business-to-business markets, these innovations are changing the game in B2B as well, even in old-line industries selling what might be considered commodity products. A […]



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