Predictive Revenue Forecasting Possible with Usage-Based Pricing

By revVana | December 6, 2022

Usage-based pricing is good for the customer but makes predicting revenue difficult. CROs & CFOs are challenged w/ predicting how much revenue is expected and when it will be realized. This guest post from revVana explains a simple approach to improving your revenue forecasting.

Why Revenue Visibility Is Critical To Growing Companies

By revVana | September 21, 2021

The most important metric from growing companies is their ability to hit revenue growth targets to validate their current and future valuation.  While sales pipelines provide a point-in-time snapshot of deals expected to close, the revenue generated over time from these opportunities is an overlooked part of the equation. This article will explore what information your pipeline divulges and the next required step to translate that piece of your business into your value on revenue growth.