Can Professional Services and Saas Coexist?

By SaaSX | March 24, 2021

By, Anna Talerico, for SaaSX My SaaS and startup DNA includes a lot of experience in running professional services organizations. But knowing how professional services revenue is valued in the market (not as much as you would think), and how hard it can be to maintain high margins, I can never recommend a SaaS launch […]

The Importance of Customer Success in SaaS—and How to Help Your Customers Succeed

By SaaSX | January 20, 2021

Customer success in SaaS is fast becoming the first line of attack to boost conversions, raise customer happiness, and reduce churn. Every day, a strong customer success strategy is becoming more and more essential for SaaS companies. So what exactly is customer success, how does it work, and are you “doing it right”? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it […]

8 Finance Mistakes Growing SaaS Businesses Make and How to Fix Them

By SaaSX | November 23, 2020

While many of these mistakes or potential issue items are likely to be more prevalent in a business with a lean (or essentially non-existent) finance team, we’ve seen large businesses deal with many of these same challenges. Here are the top 8 mistakes I see most frequently (along with some potential fixes if you are […]

What is Product-Led Growth and Why Is it a Revolution?

By SaaSX | October 30, 2020

If you are in SaaS you already know the days of software vendors pitching monolithic enterprise solutions to corporate executives are quickly giving way to a growth model that centers on the end-user discovering software solutions on their own. This is product-led growth, a grassroots distribution model that scales from the bottom up, instead of […]

A SaaS Renewal Strategy Starts On Day One

By SaaSX | August 11, 2020

It’s common to design a SaaS renewal process that starts about 90 days before the date of renewal. It’s common, but that doesn’t make it right, does it? A great, proactive SaaS renewal process really starts the day the customer signs up. And renewal is just really one huge part of the overall initiative to retain customers. Let’s start with […]

SaaS Customer Onboarding Cadence

By SaaSX | July 14, 2020

SaaS customer onboarding is critical—it’s really where the customer relationship is won or lost. There is a ton of great customer success information out there—but nothing that’s “block and tackle” specific, like an actual on-boarding cadence example. The key to great customer onboarding is pro-active communication and collaboration inside your organization and with your customer.

The Complete Guide to Understanding Net Negative​ Churn

By SaaSX | December 3, 2019

THE BIGGER YOUR SAAS COMPANY IS, THE LARGER THE SIZE OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BASE. AND THE LARGER THE SUBSCRIPTION BASE, THE MORE DETRIMENTAL CHURN BECOMES. As your subscriber base grows larger, the loss of revenue caused by even a low churn rate will begin to compound. The number of new bookings needed to replace the customers […]

Does a Product-Led Growth Company Still Need a Sales Force?

By SaaSX | November 19, 2019

Think about some of the online tools you can’t live without. Chances are, you backup your work to Dropbox, keep your colleagues updated on your progress via Slack, and automate your marketing emails with a service like Mailchimp. And what all these companies have in common, according to Forbes, is that they’re product-led growth companies. The […]

SaaS Revenue Recognition a Nightmare? Your System is to Blame

By SaaSX | May 28, 2019

As the ways in which we do business change and evolve, the tools we use for SaaS revenue recognition should, ideally, change as well. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A recent study found that just 40% of CFOs felt confident about their system’s ability to provide relevant insights, and half reported that their systems did […]

Data-Driven SaaS Growth Relies on Meaningful, Accurate Data

By SaaSX | May 7, 2019

I’m a huge practitioner of data-driven SaaS management. I believe that almost everything in a SaaS business can and should be measured. But there are two important caveats to measurement that I’ve recently seen overlooked. First, the data you use for KPIs or OKRs must be understood by your teams. And second, it must have […]

Building Better Recurring Revenue SaaS Companies in 2019

By SaaSX | April 9, 2019

Anna and I are about a year into our SaaSX and Beacon9 stories and about 15 months removed from the acquisition of our SaaS company. We worked with some amazing recurring revenue SaaS companies in 2018. Our journey, our clients, and the new year have caused me to reflect on our mission to help SaaS […]