Benchmarking with OPEXEngine drives better decisions across the organization. Benchmarking allows CFOs, FP&A professionals, and consultants to do better analysis, deliver more information and allocate resources more effectively. Here’s a few examples of how many customers use OPEXEngine’s benchmarking platform.

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Get the right benchmarks for your budgeting, strategic and scenario planning. Use OPEXEngine’s trusted financial and detailed operational benchmarks from your SaaS peers by revenue size, average contract size, funding levels, and more. Budget and plan for this year and 2-5 years out. 

Cost Management and Operational Productivity

How does your compensation expense compare to peers? Is your R&D expense too high? Is your Sales productivity good, great or average? You won’t get that kind of insight just by looking at your numbers. In this competitive world, you need high quality operating benchmarks to track yourself against peers and market leaders. 

Securing Funding or Sale of Company

Get the right benchmarks to position your company’s performance and operations with investors and acquirers. Make accurate comparisons with peers, not the latest unicorn. Understand where you stand BEFORE you go out to the market.

Better Communication with Operating Heads

Support data-driven conversations between Finance and operating departments when reviewing expenses, head counts, productivity and more. Replace emotion and bias with neutral benchmarks for peer companies and market leaders.

Evaluate and Improve SaaS Portfolios

Access metrics and KPIs used by hundreds of software and SaaS companies to improve performance and efficiency. Compare your portfolio companies to over 50 SaaS peer groups by revenue size, growth rates, profitability, funding, and more.

Proprietary Data for Consulting Engagements

Use proprietary data to deliver deep and actionable consulting about leveraging SaaS business model. Generate solutions for your clients that integrate best in class information about successful companies in the SaaS industry.