Better Communication Between Finance and Operating Departments

Today’s SaaS Finance department plays a much greater role collaborating and supporting all the operating departments of a company.  No longer is Finance focused primarily on accounting, reporting and book-keeping. When speaking with a head of Sales, or Chief Marketing Officer, Finance executives using the BenchmarkEngine can help operating departments better understand targeted departmental expense and headcount by comparing their company numbers to benchmarks for peers and market leaders.  Finance can help operating departments validate company targets by comparing to how other companies are performing with similar resources.

In addition, Finance can provide specific benchmarks to help department heads analyze productivity and business models.  

Benchmarking takes the emotion and bias out of discussions between Finance and operating departments, and provide the tools for Finance to help operating departments operate more efficiently.

How AdaptiveInsights Uses OPEXEngine Benchmarking from OPEXEngine on Vimeo.


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