Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Get the right benchmarks for your budgeting, strategic and scenario planning. Use OPEXEngine’s trusted financial, and detailed operational benchmarks from your SaaS peers by revenue size, average contact size, funding levels, and more…

Step One – Review SaaS & Software Financial and Operating Metrics from Hundreds of Companies

SaaS Company finance teams face constant time constraints with the furious pace of business today.   In order for the Finance team to deliver real value, it must have its fingers on the financial “pulse” of the organization. Not only must Finance be able to produce and communicate the financial numbers, but it must also measure the most important drivers of the business and develop actionable strategies to improve outcomes.   OPEXEngine’s team works with hundreds of companies like yours to help them quickly cut through the noise and see performance and actionable comparisons.

Step Two – Focus on your key business drivers

Every SaaS business is different, has a different business model and is at a different stage of growth. It is critical to fine tune your business model as your company grows so that you can build company value over the long-term. You need to build a budget that is right for your business model and it helps to learn from your peers. Benchmarks for key drivers and metrics like customer LTV, CAC, LTV-to-CAC, ARR/MRR, ACV, Churn rates, and ARPA change over time and OPEXEngine gives you the data to prepare for different growth stages.

Step Three – Use OPEXEngine’s benchmarking platform to help lift your finance team

We help your finance team shine.   Give your team the capability to use SaaS industry best practices in your budgeting and planning process. Our proprietary benchmarking process is supported by leading companies and investors.  Our secure benchmarking platform gives you access to our full suite of calculated KPI’s and metrics and more than 50 peer groups for comparison.

  • Quickly and easily see your data compared to your closest peers
  • See automated variances between where you are today, and where you want to get to
  • Get the benchmarks for your current budget and 2-5 years out across all key financial and operating areas
  • Leading studies show that companies that benchmark consistently outperform those that do not.  


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