Evaluating and Improving SaaS Portfolios

The problem faced by many VC and Private Equity funds invested in SaaS is that there are many SaaS business models and it is hard to get standard financial and operational benchmarks that match each of your portfolio company business models. Each portfolio company performs differently and the critical metrics and KPI’s are different for each one.  OPEXEngine provides you with a clear understanding of how each SaaS company in your portfolio is performing against its peers and market leaders.

In addition, some private companies don’t have the Finance expertise in tracking and regularly reporting key SaaS metrics.  OPEXEngine works directly with your portfolio company Finance managers to understand industry standard operational metric definitions to help them get apples-to-apples comparisons between their company and peers and market leaders.

Step One – Understanding the portfolio company data dilemma

Most portfolio company finance teams are already overworked or thinly staffed and each has different financial systems to support. The data that is collected and the financial reports that are produced are typically not standard across portfolio companies. Fund executives must deal with many different formats and information sources making it difficult to effectively evaluate performance.

  • OPEXEngine has been working with software and SaaS companies for over 10 years to collate, and compare their internal data to peers
  • OPEXEngine benchmarking membership for your portfolio companies gives them a neutral, 3rd party source of data, information and community to constantly learn and improve

Step TwoConsistent data and KPIs helps you better monitor your portfolio

Imagine if you could compare your fund’s portfolio company to other companies in that sector of similar size and get standard KPI’s and metrics to make meaningful comparisons.  By putting your SaaS portfolio companies on the industry standard OPEXEngine benchmarking platform, you can achieve uniform data and comparisons across your SaaS portfolio. You can view each company’s performance and enhance your portfolio performance on an individual basis and as a whole.  

Step Three- Improve performance efficiently and effectively with OPEXEngine’s portfolio management platform.

  • Get access to a set of metrics and KPIs that hundreds of software and SaaS companies, as well as investors, use to evaluate and improve performance
  • Compare your portfolio companies to over 50 peer groups by revenue size, growth rates, profitability, funding amounts and more
  • Model successful companies that have achieved an IPO or a valuable strategic exit  
  • Effectively monitor and drive company performance with meaningful recommendations
  • Engage company executives to build better business models and refine their path to success
  • Leverage the team of experienced pros at OPEXEngine to bring all your SaaS portfolio companies to the latest sector standards on metrics, definitions and information on best practices


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