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Greater credibility in the numbers leads to higher quality of earnings and higher valuations. Companies must know their numbers and use accurate benchmarks. One of the top reasons cited by sell-side company CFOs for failed or sub-optimal outcomes is a lack of understanding on the part of buyers about SaaS business models.  Benchmarks enable a seller to be prepared for what acquirers will be seeing in the market, position the company against other opportunities and explain their value.   By benchmarking early in the exit process rather than at the end, you can identify weaknesses before marketing your company.  This gives you time to either work to correct and improve or position weaknesses so there are fewer surprises for potential acquirers.   

Step OneAlign your key financials with OPEXEngine’s easy and secure data input, guided by extensive definitions developed working with hundreds of software and SaaS companies like yours.  You may find that your financial system, CRM and/or Subscription Management system produce different SaaS metrics. OPEXEngine helps you identify the differences and align your KPIs with industry-standard definitions and calculations.

Step TwoReview OPEXEngine’s automatically calculated KPIs for each key area of your company.  OPEXEngine’s KPIs are used by leading SaaS companies, venture and PE investors, and consulting companies.  Companies use OPEXEngine benchmarking to identify where they are strong, and where they could improve productivity.  CFOs frequently say this process helps them focus on the key indicators and drivers, as well as identify metrics they may have been missing.  Prepare for the diligence process with industry standard metrics.

Step Three – Compare across revenue, expenses, headcount, productivity and more detailed metrics with variances between your data and benchmarks automatically compiled.  Our secure benchmarking platform gives you access to our full suite of calculated KPI’s and metrics and more than 60 peer groups for comparison.

  • Compare your company against peers to better present your opportunity and articulate your business model.  
  • Identify weaknesses and strengths before marketing your company
  • Position your value against peers in OPEXEngine’s broad database


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