Are We Any Good At SaaS Product Investment?

One of our Friends and Family in the SaaS Benchmarking Community, Tom Huntington (CFO of Qstream, Vela Systems) has been talking to his network about product investment. Here are his thoughts after looking at some of our blinded data.  Let me know what you think, too,...

10 Expenses NOT to Include in Your SaaS CAC Calculation

Calculating Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Correctly Most SaaS companies know that to run your business profitably, it is important to measure CAC.  Yet, managing this metric over time can become increasingly complicated as a company expands its operations and...
3 Best Budgeting Practices for SaaS Companies

3 Best Budgeting Practices for SaaS Companies

The SaaS business model requires the integration and coordination of far more operations than traditional software models.  R&D, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Finance, and Operations all need to work together to produce profitable unit economics which are...
Quick Cheat Sheet on SaaS Company Employee Benefits

Quick Cheat Sheet on SaaS Company Employee Benefits

Does your company provide free food for all employees every day or just on Wednesdays? Concierge services?  FastPass payments?  Free beer and wine?  Doggie day care?  Massage, acupuncture – the list goes on.  Tech companies large and small provide some of the most...
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