How Sales and SalesOps Metrics Drive SaaS Financial Benchmarks in 2019 [Video]

SalesOps Metrics  

Driving revenue and revenue growth is one of the most important factors in the financial performance of a SaaS business, so getting the sales and salesOps metrics right is critical. In fact, for 2019, this might be one of the most important financial benchmarks you should track. We had a great webinar with SaaSOptics and Tim McCormick. A few of the things we discussed:

  • Which sales and sales ops metrics leading SaaS companies measure and benchmark
  • Which sales metrics drive financial performance
  • Sales benchmarks from OPEXEngine’s proprietary database of hundreds of SaaS companies
  • How SaaSOptics measures sales metrics

If you couldn’t join us, we encourage you to watch the on-demand version here. You can also download the slide presentation, here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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