Performance benchmarking is a proven growth driver. In fact, companies that regularly benchmark achieve a 10 to 15% increase in valuation on average, and OPEXEngine customers who benchmark for 3+ years realize 32%+ gains in EBITDA over 3+ years.

At OPEXEngine, everything we do is anchored by a commitment to the highest standards of data quality and assuring our partners and users have full confidence in every validated benchmark. We know our PE and Investor clients are looking to make significant, strategic decisions using this data and that is why we deploy such a rigorous process underpinned by our advanced PerformanceEngine for Investors benchmarking platform.

We have the deepest data set of over 300+ SaaS/software benchmarks in the World from thousands of private and public companies. Deal and operations teams can customize our performance benchmarking platform to take advantage of our advanced filtering and other recent enhancements. OPEXEngine will give you that deep apples-to-apples comparison you need for that outside-in data validation required to manage portfolio company performance from diligence to exit.

For that deep 360-degree view you can add our PerformanceEngince for Public Companies (PEPC) solution to your OPEXEngine Investor platform subscription to benchmark and analyze financial and operational data from over 18,000 Public SaaS/software companies at your fingertips.

Portfolio Operations Teams use cases

Portfolio Monitoring

Budget Planning

Value Creation

Exit Planning

Deal Teams use cases

Due Diligence

Value Roadmap

Leading Private Equity and Investor Firms Count on OPEXEngine

Vista Equity Partners

Silversmith Capital Partners

Espresso Capital

Key questions that PerformanceEngine for Investors can answer for Operations and Deal Teams

What does Great look like

Are there performance improvements over time

Which operational and commercial areas need improvement

Is there management team alignment

Is the Go-to-Market (GTM) efficient and sustainable

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