Data + Insights = Action

May 23, 2019

This week, we announced a strategic relationship with Bain Consulting.  Bain is using our benchmarks with their strategic consulting to help clients better understand how they compare to peers and market leaders, and where they can improve.  Data plus insights makes the analysis concrete and actionable.  Our decade long benchmarking of software and SaaS companies provides the most comprehensive, validated, database of financial, KPIs and operating metrics for every department of the company.

For our current clients, the Bain relationship helps inform our product development and helps us bring in even more data from larger software and SaaS companies.  The more data, the better the benchmarks, and the better the analysis that we can provide our customers.  All around, a win/win for both Bain and OPEXEngine’s clients. We are so grateful and excited, to have the opportunity to work with world class companies like Bain and all our clients to further our mission:  Data + Insights = Action

Bain & Company and OPEXEngine Announce Strategic Partnership

Bain & Company and OPEXEngine are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Bain’s industry leading management consulting services with OPEXEngine’s proprietary benchmarking platform to deliver transformative results for technology clients.As SaaS transforms the software industry and investor expectations, the goalposts for outperformance continue to move.  Software companies need a data-driven approach to balance revenue growth with operational efficiency and profitability.  OPEXEngine’s benchmarking platform leads the market in defining and measuring key performance indicators underpinning SaaS growth and value. Validated benchmarking data enables decision-makers to invest more heavily in productive areas and restructure inefficient functions – from G&A to R&D to Sales & Marketing.“This partnership enables us to further accelerate and enhance client results,” said Simon Heap, head of Bain & Company’s global Software Practice.  “Our tailored approach coupled with insights driven by OPEXEngine’s extensive dataset helps companies move quickly from diagnosis to action to results.  This accelerates the decisions needed to design a transformation strategy, optimize a product portfolio, drive engineering efficiency, or improve go-to-market performance.  It also enables our Private Equity clients to create better outcomes through new insights in due diligence and post-acquisition operational improvements.”“C-level executives use our peer benchmarks to make effective resource allocations in budgets and planning, and invest for growth with less risk,” said Lauren Kelley, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine.  “The Bain-OPEXEngine partnership pairs Bain’s collaborative approach and deep expertise in software value creation with OPEXEngine’s 10-year+ longitudinal benchmark database to help private and public Software and SaaS companies balance growth with operational efficiencies.”Building on numerous successful client engagements, OPEXEngine will become part of the Bain Alliance Ecosystem, a network of partnerships with complementary tool, technology, and service providers that accelerates delivery of breakthrough client results.

About Bain & Company, Inc.

Bain & Company is the management consulting firm that the world's business leaders come to when they want results. Bain advises clients on private equity, mergers and acquisitions, operations excellence, consumer products and retail, marketing, digital transformation and strategy, technology, and advanced analytics, developing practical insights that clients act on and transferring skills that make change stick. The firm aligns its incentives with clients by linking its fees to their results. Bain clients have outperformed the stock market 4 to 1. Founded in 1973, Bain has 57 offices in 36 countries, and its deep expertise and client roster cross every industry and economic sector. For more information visit: Follow us on Twitter @BainAlerts.

About OPEXEngine

OPEXEngine is the industry leader in delivering financial and operating benchmarks for the SaaS sector, with a particular expertise in performance measurement and operating metrics for subscription-based companies.  OPEXEngine has been engaged with hundreds of leading private and public Software and SaaS companies since 2007.  OPEXEngine’s member-based benchmarking community supplies the comprehensive data for its proprietary benchmarking.   OPEXEngine’s benchmarking reports are key tools used by senior operating executives to support the budgeting, strategic planning and investment process. OPEXEngine is based in the Boston area.  For further information, visit  Follow us on Twitter @OPEXEngine and LinkedIn at

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