March 2020 Hiring and Layoff Poll of Growth and Mid-Sized SaaS Companies

April 3, 2020

In late March,  we launched a SaaS peer community poll to see what companies are doing in light of the corona virus pandemic’s effects on 2020 budgets.  Approximately 70 unique companies participated, and we pulled together the results here.  Companies ranged from early stage to companies with over 1000 employees, the majority of respondents were from companies with less than 500 employees.


Very few companies are furloughing workers as of the end of March.  Of the small number of respondents who said their company was furloughing workers, 60% were companies with less than 100 employees and 40% were companies with 100-500 employees.


Source: OPEXEngine 2020


Over half of the respondents said they have a hiring freeze in place or were planning one.  And 26.4% of companies said they no hiring freeze or any reduction in hiring planned, again, as of the end of March.

Hiring Freezes

Source: OPEXEngine 2020

The majority of hiring freezes are planned in companies with less than 500 employees.  Only a third of the companies with over 500 employees were planning a freeze and of those, none of  the companies with over 1000 employees said they were planning a freeze.

Hiring Freeze

Source: OPEXEngine 2020


Almost three quarters of the respondent SaaS companies are not planning layoffs as of the end of March.  19% are planning less than 20% reductions from 2020 plans.[caption id="attachment_10542" align="aligncenter" width="931"]


Source: OPEXEngine 2020


The majority of survey respondents were from companies with between 100-500 employees, and the second largest group after that were early stage companies with less than 100 employees.

poll demographics

Source: OPEXEngine 2020

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