Poll Results - Changes to SaaS Sales Quotas, Territories, and Commission Payments

April 16, 2020

OPEXEngine fielded a second quick poll to the SaaS Finance community between April 2-April 14, 2020 – over 60 individual companies participated, ranging from companies with under 100 employees to companies with more than 5000 employees.  Most of the companies were US and Canadian-based.  The anonymous and confidential poll covered changes to Q2, Q3, Q4 and FY 2020 Sales Quotas, Territories and Commission payment policies.

Key Take-Aways

  • The smallest SaaS companies were the most likely to be changing Sales Quotas, with slightly more than half of early stage companies changing FY 2020 sales quotas. For all other size ranges, 30 – 35% of companies are planning to change FY 2020 Sales Quotas.
  • The majority of companies of all size ranges are not planning to change sales territories, due to changing market conditions due to the corona virus. The largest companies are least likely to change sales territories currently.
  • Sales commission payment policies for companies over 100 employees are for the most part tied to signed contracts, with more variation of policies among early stage companies with less than 100 employees. Outside of commissions being paid based on signed contracts, policies range from payment on customer payment, billing/invoice being issued, purchase order, or upon ARR revenue recognition.
  • A few companies cited that sales commission payment policy is currently under consideration and some companies explained that their policies were flexible - either signed contract or customer payment during corona virus crisis, or terms currently under revision due to corona virus difficulties.

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Sales Territory Changes

Sales Territory Changes

Sales Commission Payments

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