SaaS Conversations Podcast

January 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of SaaS Conversations, our new podcast series.

Lauren Kelley – Founder and CEO of OPEXEngine by Bain & Company – has hosted finance leaders, technology experts, investors, operations professionals, and more for conversations about metrics, benchmarking, and the state of SaaS. We’ve compiled the most recent webinar sessions into a new podcast series, which we’ll continue to add to in 2024.

Out Now: Best of 2023

In the inaugural episode of SaaS Conversations, we are looking back at some audio highlights from 2023. You will hear excerpts on:

  • The key considerations and best practices when a SaaS company is preparing for an IPO – the organizational positioning, reporting, and systems required for a successful reception from investors. Eric Mersch (FLG Partners) and Jon Neitzell (Anduril Partners) speak with Lauren about how benchmarking gives an organization the tools it needs to accurately represent itself when engaging with external stakeholders. They touch on key operational metrics, team alignment, and the cultural shift a finance team goes through when transitioning from private to public. An authentic, data-validated story, which holds up against peer benchmarks, is key when you’re communicating to the market.
  • The three types of benchmarking: internal, peer, and strategic. Lauren defines these during her presentation at SaaS Metrics Palooza, moderated by Ray Rike (Benchmarkit). She speaks about how important it is to track the right metrics to really drive change in your company.
  • Metrics driving the Magic Number that can help you identify areas for improvement in your go-to-market strategy. Lauren speaks with Kunal Mehta (Bain & Company), who offers an expert perspective on the benefits of benchmarking as a means of measuring growth and cost issues, aligning internal and external stakeholders, and inspiring investor confidence.
  • Dynamic planning for SaaS finance leaders. Lauren speaks with two accomplished SaaS CFOs – Evan Meagher (CoreWeave) and Brian Weisberg (Tidelift) – about the adoption of AI tools in finance as a means of improving efficiency and managing costs.

A special thanks to our 2023 guest speakers for their invaluable insights and contributions. Click here to listen now!

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