Venture Funding Alive and Well in 2019, Funding to Female Founded Firms Trending Upwards to an Astronomical 6% of Last Year’s Total VC Funding

July 18, 2019

In the first half of 2019, total VC deal values hit $66B and is nearly on pace to match 2018’s record of $134.7B, according to the latest report released by PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association. The size of VC funding deals continues to trend upward, while angel and early stage investing is holding its own in terms of the number of deals.

VC Investment in Software Matching 2018 Levels

Venture Funding

Angel and Early Stage Investing Most Active


Increase in Venture Funding for Female Founders

The number and total value of VC funding flowing to companies with at least one female founder is trending upward, on track to reach at least 6% of last year’s total VC funding.

Female Founder VC Funding

IPOs are the strongest exits thus far in 2019

IPOs take the bulk of exit value in 1H 2019, while acquisition values have fallen and trending to total less in 2019 than last year.


Software Is the Largest Single Sector Providing Exits for VCs


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