Path to IPO Series: DocuSign, Inc.

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The OPEXEngine Path to IPO Series highlights SaaS companies that have IPO’ed in different sectors of the market and with variations of SaaS business models. The goal of the series is to document the journey to the public markets, and the choices that company management made to maximize value and achieve results. Our in-depth research features financial information of both pre- and post-IPO data. We also offer some insight into the operational growth valued by public market investors.

The first SaaS company OPEXEngine is showcasing is DocuSign. Its IPO came 15 years after founding, and the company raised $500 million before going public. DocuSign’s journey to IPO may have taken longer than the average SaaS company. Still, the public markets have rewarded its patience with a market capitalization of over $30 billion (as of August 2020).

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